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Fabricant balcon fibre de verre
Installation of fiberglass balconies
Sturdiness and good looks at an affordable price
Pose balcon, escalier et rampe
Installation of custom balconies on place
That are sturdy and well designed, and require no maintenance
Installation rampes et escaliers en aluminium
Aluminum railing and stairs installation
No more rust or rot! Wide choice of models


a fiberglass deck

Is your deck starting to look old? Since external structures fall victim to the ravages of time, weather and everyday use, your deck may be in such poor condition or so outdated that it needs to be completely replaced. Have you thought about installing a fiberglass deck?

At Boyer et Fils, we offer you a turnkey project and we personally install fiberglass decks, as well as our full range of aluminum products, including welded aluminum steps and railing. As a result, we can ensure compliance with our high standards of quality in every project, from start to finish.

In addition to offering a wide variety of models and layouts to suit all different tastes, we have many years of experience during which time we’ve acquired effective techniques for installing fiberglass decks, making our products a top-quality solution.

Our high quality services for a turnkey project

Contractor specializing
in the installation of quality
balconies and railings

Boyer et Fils inc. is a company accredited by the “Régie du Bâtiment du Québec” that specializes in the installation of fiberglass balconies and steps, patios, terraces, as well as the installation of aluminum railings. 

Located in Pincourt, this contractor specializing in the installation of balconies and railing has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has become the reference in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges, the West Island suburbs and the Greater Montreal areas as well as the Laval and the North Shore areas. 

For the installation of aluminum railings, terraces, stairs or fiberglass balconies, trust the professionals! In fact, we install more than 20,000 sq. ft. of balcony per year!

Boyer et FIls inc. also specializes in the installation of fiberglass balconies at home and offers you a 10-year warranty on its exceptionally high quality and solid products that require no maintenance: an affordable and effective solution! If you need a contractor who specializes in balcony and railing installation, the team of experts will take care of all the work with professionalism in the greater Montreal area.

This balcony and railing installation contractor is a member of the CCQ and holds liability insurance and competency cards, which ensure impeccable service and safe working methods.

Entrepreneur installation de balcon et rampe
Installation d'escalier et rampe en aluminium
Pose balcon, escalier et rampe


Boyer et Fils inc.
Instalation de soffite et capage d'aluminium

A meticulous aluminum capping service

Boyer et FIls inc. offers a high-end aluminum capping service, also called aluminum bending, precise and tailor-made according to your projects. Aluminum capping allows us to make all kinds of achievements such as high quality and durable balcony surrounds. Indeed, at Boyer et Fils inc., we only use high quality aluminum to guarantee you an impeccable result. Aluminum capping can offer many advantages for your construction or renovation projects, as aluminum is corrosion resistant, which means that your structure will remain in good condition even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. In addition, it is a durable material that can last for many years with little maintenance. It can also give a more modern and more aesthetic aspect to your realization being available in many colors.

A high quality soffit installation

At Boyer et Fils Inc., we take special care when installing soffits under your balcony. Indeed, this perforated aluminum sheet that fits under your balcony allows air to circulate from one end of your structure to the other, which is essential to prevent mold or water infiltration. The air circulation evacuates the humidity which is located under the balcony preventing the formation of ice in winter or water in summer. In addition, the soffit helps protect your balcony and your residence from harmful species such as insects or small animals that may want to settle in your home.

Boyer et Fils Inc. is your trusted professional for the installation of at home balconies, stairs, terraces, soffits and aluminum railings! Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone for a free estimate and personalized and affordable solutions for your exterior: with more than 25 years of experience in the field, Boyer et Fils inc. is solid.

To achieve balcony or stair installation

Pose d'escalier et rampe en aluminium
Installation de ramper et escalier en alu
Entrepreneur installation balcon
Pose de rampe et escalier
Installation de balcon, rampe et escalier